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Investment Planning


Investment Planning

What do you want to accomplish?

Beginning with a conversation, we first need to listen to what you consider to be the important things in life. Only then can we use our insights and experience to help you start growing your wealth and security. Only then can we recommend the needed research, analysis and tools that get you where you want to be.

Once we understand who you are, what your goals and dreams are, and what you want to accomplish, can we begin to develop a customized plan to help you achieve and then perpetuate what you have accumulated. We will work together to help you avoid investment pitfalls that can jeopardize your success.

Few words better characterize today's financial markets than uncertainty. We believe investors need to adjust their expectations in order to adapt to the road ahead. It seems to be the nature of today’s markets to subject investors to sharp price fluctuations and confusing global events that test emotional fortitude at every turn. Experience has taught us that successful investing requires discipline and the patient execution of a long-term strategy, most especially when it is emotionally difficult. In fact, that is usually the time when opportunities are greatest.

An important benefit of working with a CFP advisor is the comfort of knowing that you have professionals monitoring the economy and financial markets. We want to assure you that we diligently research current trends and use all the analytical tools at our disposal to help you make solid investment decisions. Above all, we work to help our clients relax and enjoy the lifestyle that they have built, knowing there is an experienced guide by their side.

Privately owned and independent, Medallion Financial Group has the freedom to focus on you and your family. Whether your need is expert investment management, tax-savvy income generation for monthly income, planning for retirement or your child’s college tuition, John and Laura are experienced Certified Financial Planning Professionals® with 30+ years each and are backed up with an experienced team to make sure you receive sound financial advice. We want to create a difference that will impact you and your loved one’s financial success. Call or email to schedule a time to start the conversation?


While managing over $450 million of assets for pre-retirees, retirees, business owners and their families, our warm and friendly team focuses on individual needs, appropriate solutions and strategies, and, most importantly, the financial peace of mind of those we serve.

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