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Do you have enough to retire?

How much money you will need to retire depends on your personal lifestyle, spending habits and your sources of retirement income. Our work begins with a conversation. Listening to you about your dreams, so that together we create and define your goals. MORE importantly, work to maintain a plan for a comfortable retirement.

One of the most important Financial Planning questions for you to answer is: How much money will I need to retire? The problem is that there is no magic number that is right for everyone. Let’s assume that you have diligently saved, invested well, and have been very fortunate and accumulated a nice sum of capital: Is that enough to retire and stay comfortably retired? Those last 3 words change the picture a little, don’t they? Without an effective retirement plan you run the risk of outliving your savings and not being able to maintain your desired lifestyle throughout your retirement years.

Another major variable in deciding if you have enough to retire is: What is your vision for the future? What will your expected standard of living be during retirement? Together we will examine what are you currently spending for housing, food, utilities etc. and look at what you expect to spend once you retire. We will discuss paying off your mortgage or renting; remaining at your current address or moving to a new location? Some of our clients move to states with a more favorable tax structure or lower cost of living. Sometimes they move just to be closer to children or other relatives. The bottom line question is: How much do you need to spend to be comfortable and content?

One of our first lessons on entering the field many years ago came from one of our mentors, he explained to us: “Once you retire, your money must work for you or you must go back to work!!” It has a ring of truth to it doesn’t it? We assist our clients invest their savings to get the desired returns and to protect those assets from unforeseen events.

In our opinion, deciding and defining your retirement is the single most important financial decision of your life. Most of us don’t get a “do over”. We often say: “not planning for your retirement may be hazardous to your wealth”.

When you work with John and Laura, two of the CFP’s at Medallion Financial Group, we can help you chart a course through the complex world of wealth management and investment planning. We work together to build a dedicated, long-term and disciplined approach that is tailored to your unique needs and objectives. Are you ready to start the conversation?


While managing over $450 million of assets for pre-retirees, retirees, business owners and their families, our warm and friendly team focuses on individual needs, appropriate solutions and strategies, and, most importantly, the financial peace of mind of those we serve.

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